Mahir Bilen Can

6283 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA, 70118, USA
Office & Phone:
Gibson Hall, 319 & 504-862-3448
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By appointment

CV (2023)

Editorial: Semigroup Forum

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Current research interests:

Algebraic Groups and Monoids, Representation Theory, Real Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Coding Theory.

I am working on my research activities webpage. (At this time, it offers only a partial glimpse into my work.)


I am honored to have been awarded the Fulbright US Scholar award to visit Portugal for academic and cultural collaboration. I am also excited to be visiting the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Summer 2023, and to have my research proposal approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents Research Competitive Program (2023-2025). Finally, I feel very lucky to be able to visit Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in November 2023. I am grateful to all of my colleagues who have helped make these opportunities possible.

Between the dates May 24-26 2023, Kalina Mincheva, Naufil Sakran, and I organized the Southern Regional Algebra Conference 2023 at Tulane University. We are grateful to all participants of this annual event. Special thanks go to Nathaniel Vaduthala for designing the following beautiful poster: