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"Theory of Everything based on Feynman-Weinberg Quantum Gravity and the Extended Standard Model", (original title; published title is "The Structure of the World from Pure Numbers), published in Reports on Progress in Physics, volume 68 (2005), pages 897-964.
***The above article outlines the physics on which The Physics of Christianity is based.***

"The Cox Theorem: Unknowns And Plausible Value", (co-authored with Maurice J. Dupre)

"What About Quantum Theory? Bayes and the Born Interpretation.

"Closed Universes With Black Holes But No Event Horizons As a Solution to the Black Hole Information Problem", (co-authored with 4 students)

"Does Quantum Nonlocality Exist? Bell's Theorem and the Many-Worlds Interpretation"

The Physics of Christianity
The Physics of Immortality
The Anthropic Cosmological Principle
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