The Personal Journal of

Tewodros Amdeberhan

(exculsive for this web site)

  • Computing Determinants Involving Stirling Numbers.
  • 2014 Putnam A2 generalized; Mansour-Sun's identity proven. (new!)
  • Play time with determinants.
  • Heinig's conjectured condition (S).
  • q-analogues to some R.B./C.K. determinants.
  • a Sylvester's Identity.
  • I recall.
  • A WZ proof of a determinant evaluation conjectured by Kuperberg and Propp.
  • Web page for my q-analogue and also Kuperberg's q-analogue.
  • Lewis strikes again and AGAIN!
  • Zeros of Hermite-type polynomials.
  • A q-series in distance geometry.
  • Sum of distances on a sphere. ----------Added 6/19/99, Evenly-spaced Sawtooth ensures optimal!
  • Euler and Bernoulli Numbers and Riemann's Zeta(s).
  • The "uncentered" Maximal function and weak L_p boundedness.
  • Of course, it is shaloshable! Here is the the reference page.

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