Papers by R. Cortez

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Mathematics Education publications

  1. Cortez, R., Davenport, D., Medina, H., Narayan, D. (2007)
    Diversity Issues in Undergraduate Research. In Promoting Undergraduate Research in Mathematics - Joseph Gallian (Ed.). pp. 237-250. AMS.

  2. Cortez, R. Anhalt, C. (2014).
    Readers Write – More on modeling eliciting activities: A correction response to “Model Eliciting Activities: A Home Run” by Marta T. Magiera (February 2013 issue, pp. 348-55), Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (MTMS), 19(6), 324-26.

  3. Anhalt, C.O., Cortez, R. (2015)
    Mathematical Modeling: a Structured Process. Mathematics Teacher, 108(6), 446-452.

  4. Felton, M.D., Anhalt, C.O., Cortez, R. (2015)
    Going With the Flow: Challenging Students to Make Assumptions. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 20(6), 342-349.

  5. Anhalt, C.O., Cortez, R. (2015)
    Developing Understanding of Mathematical Modeling in Secondary Teacher Preparation. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, xxx(x), xxx-yyy.

  6. Anhalt, C.O., Cortez, R., Aliceson C. Smith (2017).
    Mathematical Modeling: Creating Opportunities for Participation in Mathematiccs, book chapter in Access and Equity: Promoting High Quality Mathematics in Grades 6-8, Anthony Fernandes, Sandra Crespo, and Marta Civil (Eds.), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

  7. Anhalt, C.O., Staats, S., Cortez, R., Civil, M.
    Mathematical Modeling and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy , to appear.

Papers submitted and in preparation

  1. Wrobel, J., Cortez, R., Varela, D., Fauci, L.
    Regularized Image System for Stokes Flow Outside a Solid Sphere. submitted July 2015.

  2. High-order Interpolation Kernels With Explicit Formulas.
    (with R. Blake, C. Duncan, R. Miller and L. Pérez). In preparation.

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